You WILL Move to the Cloud

You WILL Move to the Cloud


I don’t require my customers move to the cloud. But their business does. Let’s face it. Downtime kills. It costs money, demoralizes employees, and too much of it can cause you to lose customers.

So, why am I sure you will move to the cloud? Get rid of the dang downtime! I know people feel safer with the server in the closet. Or with their email safe on their own (usually outdated) email server.

But the truth is, the cloud is where it’s at! You will experience less downtime. You will experience technology that functions more like your electric or water. Just turn on the faucet, flip the switch, and it works.

That’s not to say that cloud isn’t without problems. Sometimes the lights don’t come on. Sometimes, the water pipes freeze. Sometimes your internet goes down. But that doesn’t mean you want to maintain your own water filtration and septic systems, your own power plant, or your own set of servers.

Yes, it’s scary. And, yes, moving the cloud does come with the headache of change. Any consultant that tells you it will be painless is just flat-out lying!

Seriously, it’s time to realize that you WILL move to the cloud. Even if you don’t want to believe it yet.