The Secret “One Thing” To Attorney Success?

The Secret “One Thing” To Attorney Success?


Want to know the dirty little secret to other attorney’s success; the “one thing” they did to strike oil? If you only knew the “one thing” could you turn your firm around into the profit engine you always dreamed it could be? If so, read on and I’ll tell you.

Here’s a simple question: how are you getting your message out to your perspective client? Now that the Yellow Pages are dead, what have you done to adjust? I’m sure if you are reading this you have a website. If not STOP READING NOW AND GO DO THAT NOW!!! Otherwise keep reading.

How are you trying to get your message to them? It’s not good enough to just have a website and a business card and for certain phone books are a thing of the past. You’ve got to hustle today to get your message in the face of your clients because most law firms can’t make it on just referrals or at least on referral that come to you through no action of your own. There two types of marketing of today: passive and active marketing. What type of marketing are you doing? I suggest you consider both courses but most likely your best results will come from active marketing. It’s merely a numbers game. Are you ready to play? Do you have a newsletter; print or electronic? Do you have a blog site or even a microblog blog site? Are you popular on Facebook today? How about your connections on on LinkedIn? You would be surprised how many attorneys I have talked to over last couple of weeks that I asked, “did you post this on LinkedIn” and they responded back “no, I’m not really big on social marketing” and amazingly enough these are attorneys that are specifically tied to b2b practices. Don’t know how to get social or get referrals? Ping me and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Everyone wants to know the “one thing” that made the other guy successful and how they have more clients/business than they can shake a stick at. So what’s the dirty little secret to other attorney’s success, the kind you’ve always imagined? Here it is; finally your chance to know their secret formula: they either got lucky (but luck runs out eventually) or THEY DID IT ALL AND NEVER STOPPED DOING IT.

Now it’s your turn. What is your “ALL”? What are you doing? Do you do IT all the time or some of the time? You may think “how can I practice law, run a business, have a family, have some free time, manage my staff and spend time with my kids or spouse, go to their sporting events or plays, coach their teams, get some sleep, have a date night; and still find time to grow my law firm”? Have you ever stopped breathing? Ever had your heart stop thumping in your chest? Some of you may say “yes” and for those that do, you know the only thing you want is to catch your breath or have your little blood pumper start again. You’ve got to want your success as much as you want to keep breathing or pumping blood through your body. Think to yourself: you do both of these while you do everything else in life and business? Guess what, if you’re not breathing right now you’re in trouble (stop and call 911). If you are breathing stop taking it for granted and help your firm start breathing while it does everything else too. Start doing ALL you need to do to get your message out to as many potential clients as you can (ethically of course) and DON’T STOP. Don’t know where to start? Start doing one thing and add another each week. Some will work, some won’t. Give it time to find out which are which.

You’ve got no excuses any longer. You have the secret. It might be a tough pill to swallow but if you do nothing you get nothing. A mentor of mine says, “you can’t drive a car in park”. Put it in Drive and get busy!