Top 11 Office 365 Migration “Gotchas”

Top 11 Office 365 Migration “Gotchas”


We have done a lot of Office 365 Migrations over the past few years. There are two things I tell every customer at the very beginning of a project:

  1. At some point during this project, I will NOT be your favorite person
  2. We WILL come across something unique that is going to require some additional work

And, you know what? I’ve never been wrong! Each Office 365 migration has resulted in finding some quirk – some unexpected technical problem – that we have to get around. But through this, I have been able to put together a list of common “gotchas” that a little advance planning will help you avoid.

  1. Know how many email users you really have
  2. Make sure 3rd party applications are compatible with Office 365
  3. Make sure your scanners can scan to Office 365
  4. Make sure your voicemail-to-email can work with Office 365
  5. Understand who shares what with whom (calendar sharing, send on behalf, etc)
  6. Don’t forget the conference rooms
  7. Did you remember your email archives
  8. Autodiscover functionality is only awesome when it works correctly (so make sure it does)
  9. Know your Office 365 passwords, your computer passwords, and your 2,679 other passwords
  10. Don’t forget signatures
  11. Don’t forget Autocomplete email addresses (you know, your “Contacts”…well, what everyone calls their contacts…they are not contacts…)

My upcoming posts will examine each of these in greater detail.