Ideas for hosting Teams meetings

COVID-19 is keeping you from face-to-face meetings but with Microsoft Teams being free virtual meetings are the way to go. iIt’s still important, however, to remember certain things when you’re holding Teams meetings.

Here are several tips that can help you carry out more successful and professional virtual meetings.

3 Teamwork Gains with Microsoft Teams

Gain immediate wins with Microsoft Teams in less than 2-days.
Management wins when staff work consistently
When management doesn't give workers the tools they need to do their best, team members are resourceful in finding better ways to work together, share files and communicate with multiple inside & outside colleagues.

Office 365 enhancements for iOS and Mac

Good news for Office 365 subscribers who use Apple devices: Microsoft apps now seamlessly integrate with the Apple ecosystem, which means working on documents is now much easier on an iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Here are some of those key capabilities.
Co-authoring in Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Apple users can now co-edit documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

New security features on Office 365

To bolster users’ safety, Microsoft recently added security features to Office 365. These enhancements give home and business users peace of mind whenever they send an email, share a link, or forward an attachment. There’s no such thing as being too secure, so we recommend staying abreast of them now.

Office 365: Tools and tips for business

Office 365 is the office productivity tool of choice because it has everything business users could possibly need. That said, most of them aren’t maximizing their Office 365 investment. That’s why we’re recommending some of the lesser-known and underused tools to help you work more efficiently.

Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migrations

Office 365 is a one in all tool that is increasingly and more frequently being adopted by major companies, organizations, and businesses as an integral part and parcel of their content management, storage, and editing strategy. While it offers a plethora of convenience and functionality in many aspects, if there is one part where it comes up short and ends up lacking, it maybe its difficult to manage and carry out migration.

Top 11 Office 365 Migration “Gotchas”

We have done a lot of Office 365 Migrations over the past few years. There are two things I tell every customer at the very beginning of a project:

At some point during this project, I will NOT be your favorite person
We WILL come across something unique that is going to require some additional work

And, you know what? I’ve never been wrong! Each Office 365 migration has resulted in finding some quirk – some unexpected technical problem – that we have to get around.