Mimecast Secure Email and Automatic Data Loss Prevention

Mimecast Secure Email and Automatic Data Loss Prevention

When Law Firms, SMB and Enterprise IT think of advanced email security, they very often think of Mimecast.  Mimecast specializing in Cloud-based Advanced Email Security for Microsoft Office 365 and on-premise Microsoft Exchange. Mimecast suite of solution stack consist of 3 main product lines: Security, Archiving, and Email Continuity service (Email Continuity is unique to the email security and spam filtering product space).  Many businesses are already using Mimecast to protect their company from email-borne malware and viruses that are potential hacker scams and attacks. While the most common entry point to Mimecast is Email Security, there are many other benefits of Mimecast that many may not consider. Some are already part of the Mimecast base product while others like Secure Email (aka Email Encryption) is an inexpensive add-on that yields incredible benefit as Data security solution.

According to generally accepted security practices, compliance regulations like HIPAA, PCI, most State’s PII and PHI data privacy legislation, compliance frameworks and the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, your staff should not be sending information like the following via common email:

  • social security numbers
  • credit card info
  • medical records
  • confidential client info
  • governed or regulated data

The security practice of trying to keep data like these secure is called Data Loss Prevention or DLP.

Instead of just sending unsecured and unencrypted email with this type of data, users can simply click the Mimecast toolbar in Outlook and send an email Securely. The email and any attachments are then Encrypted and Sent to a Secure Web Portal. The recipient instead receives a customized email with a One-time-password that enables them to login and retrieve your message and attachment.

If that wasn’t easy enough, DLP rules can be activated to actually automate the security of regulated and private data. The DLP rules are templates that have been pre-created to meet many of the current US data privacy regulations but can be customized further to suite your business needs. If a user accidentally forgets to encrypt an email that needs security, Mimecast will automatically detect, encrypt and send it.  Mimecast even detects private data within email attachments.  Meeting Cybersecurity Frameworks for this topic has never been easier.

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