3 Ways To Avoid Unsafe Web Links in Email

Email based malware injections comprise 85% of all successful hacking attempts on law firms and business.
Hackers constantly search for better ways to trick users into clicking on their email links and attachments so they can exploit your business.

The use of web links in emails and email attachments are increasingly used more than any other malware delivery system but how can you or your staff be sure a web link is safe to use?

Here are a few tips to help avoid a bad click:
Hover Over the Link
In Outlook, Outlook Mobile you can often “hover” your mouse over the web link in question and most often see the actual website destination the link will take you to when you click it.

Mimecast Secure Email and Automatic Data Loss Prevention

When Law Firms, SMB and Enterprise IT think of advanced email security, they very often think of Mimecast.  Mimecast specializing in Cloud-based Advanced Email Security for Microsoft Office 365 and on-premise Microsoft Exchange. Mimecast suite of solution stack consist of 3 main product lines: Security, Archiving, and Email Continuity service (Email Continuity is unique to the email security and spam filtering product space).  Many businesses are already using Mimecast to protect their company from email-borne malware and viruses that are potential hacker scams and attacks.